Ashraf's sacrifice to save Maryam by paying a ransom from the stone-faced old man

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### Rural and nomadic life of Ashraf: Sacrifice to save Maryam

Rural and nomadic life in Iran has always been accompanied by many challenges and hardships. Ashraf, a lonely woman who lives with her children in the corner of a small village, is an example of these continuous efforts to survive and preserve the family. Ashraf struggles with many problems, but his story culminates in his sacrifice to save Maryam, a 13-year-old bride who was running away from her half-brothers.

### Hard life in the village

Ashraf grew up in the village since he was a child and is used to hard and exhausting work. Despite the absence of his wife, he manages his life and his children with his efforts and perseverance. Working in the farm, taking care of livestock and meeting daily needs are an integral part of Ashraf's daily life. Despite these hardships, Ashraf has always tried to help others and put ethics and humanity at the forefront of his life.

### Maryam's story

Maryam was a 13-year-old girl who was under severe pressure from her half-brothers after her father's death. They were going to sell him by force to a hard-hearted old man. Maryam, who had escaped from this terrible fate, shot an old man in the leg in an unwanted conflict and was imprisoned. The old man and his family not only refused to forgive him, but also set an exorbitant amount as ransom.
Ashraf, who learned about the incident, decided to save Maryam's life at any cost. He prepared an amount with the help of the operator and even borrowed money from friends and acquaintances to prepare the amount. With exemplary courage and selflessness, Ashraf was able to give a sum of money to the stone-hearted old man.

Ashraf's action not only saved Maryam's life, but also showed everyone that in a world full of injustice and hard-heartedness, there are still people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save others.
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